Kenneth Wood

With over forty yeas of creative experience, in 2008, Kenneth turned his talents to a new medium--the stack of old newspapers of his porch, waiting to be recycled.  ¨Rather than paints molten glass, life in my studio is now spent measuring, cutting, folding, rolling, coiling and shaping thousans of tiny elements of newspaper that go into each wall art.

As the public response began to grow, Kenneth enlisted the talents of a group of young adults who are physically and/or mentally challenged.  ¨This art provides them work experience and an income as they create basic paper elements for my art.   Participating with these emerging artisans is one of the most rewarding experiences for me.   Their work and contribution is exceptional.¨

Kenneth collaborates with both residential and corporate Interior Designers to create original wall art.  ¨This work lends itself to public art installations.  My work is visually comfortable yet mysterious...easy to live with and continuously evocative,¨ said Kenneth

¨It is very important to me that this work is made form recycled newspaper.  I believe that each of us has an individual responsibility to use a minimun of scarce resources and ensure to respect environment.   I sincerely hope that my work encourages others to think creatively in recycling as a way of helping ot create a sustainable future.




This gift collection is designed to:

      Give new life to the beauty and spirit of Guatemalan trees

      Provide meaningful employment to persons with disabilities

           Encourage each of us along our spiritual paths


These handcrafted bowls, jars and dishes are created from recycled newspapers.  Young adult Guatemalans who are physically and/or mentally challenged, hand-roll and prepare the paper – providing them employment and creative opportunities in a loving community workshop.  Each contains words to reflect upon in our daily lives.

Working mindfully with old newspapers, we have discovered that

All Trees are Sacred